“At center is a spellbinding performance by Ronald L. Brown as an initially terrified Cervantes tossed in prison to await trieal by the Inquisition in 16th century Spain.
Mr. Brown makes a wondrous physical transformation to the errant knight, embodying a confident eccentricity in every movement.  His rendition of ‘The Quest/The Impossible Dream’ is as moving as if the song were heard for the first time.”
—Yorktown Heights Weekend 

 “Above all else, this show calls for a strong male lead - a singing  actor who can convincingly portray the dotty Don and also carry the part  vocally.  In Ronald Brown we have the ideal man for the role.   His rich baritone rolled out effortlessly in the great hit song ‘The  Impossible Dream.’  He captured the heart as well, with his gentle  portrayal of the affable but vulnerable hero.
  —Iowa City Press-Citizen 

 “Ronald Brown is able to capture the endearing qualities of the  character, and it doesn’t hurt that his singing voice is exceptional.  His powerful and stirring renditions of ‘Man of La Mancha’ and ‘Impossible Dream’ were certainly highlights.  It was clear to those attending that Mr. Brown would be more than up to the challenge of taking the role to Broadway or beyond.
  —New Bedford News